[haw-info] HAW Notes - a roundup of activities

Jim O'Brien jimobrien48 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 14:12:09 PDT 2008

1.  The early-registration deadline for the national HAW conference April
11-13 in Atlanta (co-sponsored by the Peace History Society) has been pushed
back to March 31.  The fee ($40 full or $25 student/low-income) covers all
sessions as well as lunch Saturday and coffee, pastries, and fruit Saturday
and Sunday mornings.  Conference info is at

2.  HAW Steering Committee members Mark Hatlie and Marc Becker are reviving
a former HAW project by re-launching a blog for the use of HAW members in
posting commentary and analysis.  See

3.  HAW will have a literature table at the Left Forum in New York this
coming weekend.  If you are going to the conference and are willing to help
at the table, please contact Jerise Fogel at jerise at redjellyfish.net.

4. The HAW Steering Committee has protested the selection of torture
advocate John Yoo as a keynote speaker for the annual Society of Historians
of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) conference in June.  Discussion is
ongoing within SHAFR, but the HAW Steering Committee wished to record its
objections to Yoo's selection as a featured speaker.  The Steering
Committee's message to SHAFR president Jonathan Schwartz focused on Yoo's
explicit advocacy within the Bush administration of policies evading and
violating international law.  The text of the Steering Committee's letter is
at http://www.historiansagainstwar.org/schwartz11march08.html
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