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*“The End of (Military) History? The **United States, Israel, and the
Failure of the Western Way of War”***


*By **Andrew Bacevich, **TomDispatch.com, posted July 29*

*The author teaches history and international relations at Boston University

* *

*“Obama’s Legacy: Afghanistan”*


*By **Garry Wills, **New York Review of Books **blog, posted July 27*

*The author is a professor of history emeritus at Northwestern University*

* *

*“Imperial Overkill and the Death of U.S. Empire”*


*By **Francis Shor, **Foreign Policy in Focus, posted July 27*

*The author teaches history at Wayne State University *

* *

*“Dan Ellsberg on WickiLeaks & the Essential Democratic Question: Who Will
Tell the People?”*


*By **John Nichols, **The Nation **blog, posted July 26*

* *

*“**The Opposites Game: All the Strangeness of Our American World in One


*By **Tom Engelhardt,** TomDispatch.com, posted July 26*

*Partly historical musings based on a little-noticed **Washington Post story
on the US military’s purchase of Russian helicopters for use in Afghanistan*

* *
“Palin on the Ground Zero Mosque vs. the Founding Fathers”


By *Juan Cole, *Informed Comment blog, posted July 19
The author teaches history at the University of Michigan.

“Leaving Iraq: The Ruin They'll Leave Behind”


By *Patrick Cockburn, *Counterpunch.org, posted July 19

*“Death on Your Doorstep: What Sebastian Junger and Restrepo Won’t Tell You
About War”*


By *Nick Turse*, TomDispatch.com, posted July 13

*“The Divergence of America and Israel”*


By *Shibil Siddiqi, *Foreign Policy in Focus, posted July 12

*A complex, historically based analysis*
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