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Suggestions for inclusion in these more or less biweekly mailings can be
sent to jimobrien48 at gmail.com.  The articles listed are on HAW-relevant
topics and are by historians or at least have considerable historical
content.  Suggestions for this current mailing came from Maia Ramnath,
Carolyn (Rusti) Eisenberg, and Larry Wittner.

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*“Iran’s Green Movement: One Year Later: How Israel’s Gaza Blockade and
Washington’s Sanctions Policy Helped Keep the Hardliners in Power"*
By* Juan Cole,* TomDispatch.com, posted June 10
*The author teaches Middle East history at the University of Michigan*


* “What's Next for the Nuclear Disarmament Movement?”*
By *Lawrence S. Wittner, *Foreign Policy In Focus, posted June 9*
The author teaches history at SUNY Albany*


*“A Warning from Noam Chomsky on the Threat of Elites”*
By *Fred Branfman, *Truthdig.com, posted June 7

 *“Pakistan: The Myth of Civilizing War”*
By *Adaner Usmani, **New Politics, *Summer 2010 issue

 *“Kill a Turk and Rest”*
By *Uri Avnery, *Z-Net, posted June 6
*On the Gaza flotilla attack, with historical analysis*

 *“‘A Head for an Eye’: Gaza, Israel, and the Limits of ‘Escalation
By Geoffrey Wawro,* Huffington Post, posted June 5*
The author teaches military history at the University of North Texas*

 *Doubling Down in Afghanistan*: *Why We Refuse to Fold a Losing Hand*

By *William Astore, *TomDispatch.com, posted June 3

*The author teaches history at the Pennsylvania College of Technology*


*“Israel’s Permanent Insanity: The Madmen of Our Times”*
By *Vijay Prashad, *CounterPunch.org, posted June 1
*The author teaches South Asian history at Trinity College*


* “The Common Culture of Turkey, the United States, and Iran”*
By *David Swanson, *WarIsACrime.org (formerly AfterDowningStreet), posted
May 30*
With much historical background based on Steven Kinzer’s new book *Reset:
Iran, Turkey, and America’s Future

*“Vietnam and Afghanistan: Still Waist Deep in the Big Muddy”*
By *Harry Targ, *the Rag Blog, posted May 27
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