[haw-info] Call Congress Today! 100 Groups Support "No War Funding" Letter

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Wed Jul 6 06:57:13 PDT 2011

The House of Representatives is about to pass a $648.7 billion Defense  
Appropriations bill, perhaps as soon as this evening. Yesterday over 100  
national and grassroots groups signed a "No War Funding" letter to the  
Congressional Progressive Caucus. Historians Against War was pleased to endorse  this 
effort. Support for the letter reflects grass-roots outrage over the  
willingness of Congress to keep paying for the military, while slashing  vitally 
important domestic programs.
For text of the letter and signers: 
_http://unitedforpeace.org/letter-to-progressive-caucus/_ (http://unitedforpeace.org/letter-to-progressive-caucus/) 
Now is the time to call all members of Congress.  Voting on the 2012 
Defense Appropriations bill could come as early as this  evening. This bill 
provides $648.7 for the military, including $118  billion for the Afghanistan and 
Iraq wars.
Capitol Switchboard:  202-225-3121
Tell your Representative to oppose further war funding  for Afghanistan and 
to vote against the entire 2012 Defense Appropriations  bill.  Message is 
simple: we must not continue wasting lives and  money. The United States  
cannot afford another $648.7 billion for the  military. Its time to bring our 
war dollars home!
Please forward this message widely.!!!
Carolyn Eisenberg on behalf of the Historians Against War Steering  
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