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First, a note:  A Web site has been created for the September 23/24
conference in Toronto entitled "Looking Back, Moving Forward: War Resisters
in North America.  The URL is
http://warresistersconference.activehistory.ca/?p=1.  Historians Against the
War is one of several groups that have endorsed the conference.  The Web
site does not yet include the speakers list, but confirmed speakers include
two members of the HAW Steering Committee, Staughton Lynd and Carl Mirra.

*Links to Recent Articles of Interest*

*"The Terror from Within"
By *Russell Jacoby, **New York Times op-ed, posted July 26
The author teaches history at UCLA*

*"Europe's Homegrown Terrorists"*
 By *Gary Younge, **The Nation, *posted July 25

*"The Limits of Air Power"*
 By *Patrick Cockburn, *CounterPunch.org, posted July 25
*Uses past experience to illuminate the Libya campaign*

*"September 2011 and May 1948: The Great Fear Now and Then"*
http://www.zcommunications. <http://goog_817637573>
org/september-2011-and-may- <http://goog_817637573>
 By *Irene Gendzier, *Z-Net, posted July 23
*Historical discussion of the Palestinian refugee issue; the author teaches
Middle Eastern history at Boston University

**"War Fatigue and the Un-Critical Critics of War"*
By *Hannah Gurman, *Foreign Policy in Focus, posted July 20

*"What Have Workers Gained from Egypt's Revolution?"*
 By *Joel Beinin, **Foreign Policy, *posted July 20
*The author teaches Middle Eastern history at Stanford University*

*"Libya and the War Powers Act"*
By *Vijay Prashad, *CounterPunch.org, posted July 13
*The author teaches history at Trinity College*

*"Are Americans Cold-Blooded? Do We Care About Civilian Casualties in Our
By *John Tirnan, *History News Network, posted July 13

*"Reading the Egyptian Revolution Through the Lens of US Policy in South
Korea Circa 1980"*
By *Tim Shorrock, **Asia-Pacific Journal, *July 11

*"War Without Humans"*
 By *Barbara Ehrenreich, *TomDispatch.com, posted July 11
*Revised and updated version of afterword to British edition of the author's
*Blood Rites: Origins and History of the Passions of War

*Thanks to Maia Ramnath, Sam Lowe, Ros Baxandall, and Rusti Eisenberg for
suggesting articles included in the above list.  Suggestions can be sent to
jimobrien48 at gmail.com.*
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