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*“Revealed: US Spy Operation That Manipulates Social Media”*
*By *Nick Fielding and Ian Cobain, **The Guardian, *posted March 17
*On a Pentagon contract for the creation of false on-line identities, known
as "sock puppets"*

*“Korean War Coverage Was Distorted and Suppressed”*
*By *Sherwood Ross, *OpEdNews, posted March 17
*Based on interviews with Korean War historian Bruce Cumings of the
University of Chicago

*“How the Japanese Learned about ‘Nuclear Safety’”*
*By *Lawrence S. Wittner, *History News Network, posted March 17
*On the 1954 “Lucky Dragon” nuclear incident; the author is an emeritus
professor of history at SUNY Albany*

*“Smoking Out Vietnam War Truths”*
*By *Nick Turse, **Asia Times Online, posted March 12*

*“The Mythic Lure of the ‘No-Fly Zone’”
By *Ira Chernus, *History News Network, posted March 14

“Fissures in the Arab Revolt”
By *Vijay Prashad,** *CounterPunch.org, posted March 11
*Historical background on Libya and especially Bahrain; the author teaches
South Asian history at Trinity College*

*“The Shameful Abuse of Bradley Manning”*
By *Daniel Ellsberg, **The Guardian, *posted March 11

*The Arab Spring”*
By *Rashid Khalidi, **The Nation,* March 21 issue, posted March 6
*The author teaches the history of the modern Middle East at Columbia

 “The Long History of Labor Bashing”
By Nelson Lichtenstein, *The Chronicle Review, *posted March 6
*The author teaches history at the University of California Santa Barbara*

*"The Middle East Revolutions in Historical Perspective: Egypt, Occupied
Palestine, and the United States"***
By Herbert P. Bix, Asia-Pacific Journal, February 21
*The author is a former Pulitzer Prize-winning historian who now teaches at
Binghamton University*
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